About Us

From the lordBuddhaTeachings site, we want to spread the teachings of Lord Buddha. In the current situation, we see that various quotes are spread around various websites and social media claiming that they were told by Buddha. Most of such quotes do not have any basis for their claim and the name Buddha gets automatically tagged in the post. So, in this site, we are trying to provide only the original and authentic teachings of Lord Buddha which are preserved in the scriptures like Tripitaka. We also encourage you to share only the authentic teachings of Lord Buddha and have a part in spreading the Dhamma!

If you want to give any suggestions to us or you have found some typos or errors in our posts you are welcome to inform us and we will try to implement your suggestions or fix the errors as soon as possible. You can also suggest some Suttas of Tripitaka to include if you think something really important is missing in our posts!

You can contact us through our contact-us page.