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Buddha Teaching
The Noble Medicine Taught by Lord Buddha

There is medicine. I do not say that there is no medicine, but this medicine sometimes works and sometimes doesn't work. So, I'm going to teach you a noble medicine that always succeeds and never fails. From that medicine beings which take birth can be free from birth, beings which die can be free from death, beings which age can be free from aging, being which are suffering from things like pain, agony, frustration can be free from pain, agony, frustration, etc... Listen to it very carefully, I'm now going to speak about it.

Buddha says "I will kill that person"

Buddha: "I tame some people in a kind way, I tame some people in a rude way. I tame some people by mixing both kindness and rudeness. While taming them in a civilized way I tell them - 'This is good behavior, such are the results of good behaviors. This is a good speech, such are the results of good speech. This is a good thought, such are the results of good thought. These are Godly characters, these are Humane characters...

Positive thinking in every situation - Buddha Questions

Buddha: "Punna, the people living in Sunaparanta are very violent. They are rough. If they insult and laugh at you, what will you think?" Punna: "If they insult and laugh at me, I will think, 'These people of Sunaparanta are civilized, so civilized that they are just insulting and laughing at me, they are not beating me with their hands.' That is what I will think, Lord. That is what I will think.

Buddha teaches "Finally You Should Leave Dhamma Also"

Monks! I am going to teach you Dhamma comparing it with a boat, it's aim is to cross not to cling in it. Listen and give your attention I'm now speaking about it. Suppose that a man is traveling on a road. On his journey a great river comes. Being on this side of the bank of that river was very dangerous while another bank of that river was very safe. But, to reach from here to there neither there was a boat nor there was a bridge.